Oktoberfest Beer Festival na! - San Miguel Oktoberfest CEBU

Hmmm September just began, is it too early to talk about the annual Oktoberfest Beer Festival by San Miguel?  Well at least in Manila it comes early.  September 16, 2011 is the kick-off party of the San Miguel Oktoberfest at the Open Field Roxas Blvd. corner EDSA.  The San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival will also have its kick-off party at different venues throughout the country.  Angeles City will have its San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer festival kick-off party on September 30, 2011 at the NEPO Complex.  Cebu will experience its own kick-off party for the  San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival  on October 1, 2011 at the MEPZ Field.  Cagayan and Laguna will have their kick-off parties of the  San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival on October 14 and 28 respectively.
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The San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival's main attraction for the 2011 celebrations is the 30-foot Beer Pyramid which symbolizes the fresh and great
taste of San Miguel Beer.  But the best attraction thus far for this year's  San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival is that all brands of San Miguel beer will be sold for only Php10.00! Yes you read it right 10 pesos!  Wow!  For P10 pesos you can have a 160mL cup of your favorite beer at these San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival venues.  The P10 price is the same for all San Miguel beer brands like San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Cerveza Negra, Red Horse beer, San Mig Light, Gold Eagle Beer, San Miguel Premium All Malt, San Miguel Super Dry, San Mig Strong ICe, San Miguel Alcoholic Malt beverage apple and Lemon.  If the 160mL cup wouldn't satiate you then you can have your favorite beer on a bigger 320mL cup for P20.  Each brand of San Miguel beer will have its own tent during the San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival.  Each tent at the San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival will house different performers and beer drinking games.

Tickets for the San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival kick-off parties are sold at P50 each which would include 3 160mL cups of limited edition San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer.

The San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival would surely draw not only an enormous crowd of beer-loving citizens but also celebrity-crazed and party-loving  people.  I hope for a peaceful San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival this year.

Let us have some clean fun and enjoyment as we celebrate this year's San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival.

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