On October 2, 2011 Parkmall Cebu will be on fire, as it celebrates The 1st Philippine Fire Festival.  There will be performances on poi, hooping and parkour on that fiery night.  The various performances during The 1st Philippine Fire Festival night will actually be a culmination of the pre-event workshops lined up during the month of September.
Photo from Parkmall on Facebook - 1st Philippine Fire festival
Poi is a performance art originally from New Zealand.  Poi dancing, particularly poi fire dancing involves some weighted tools being swung using the hands in a rhythmical manner, while these are set on fire.  Hooping or Fire hooping on the other hand basically involves the common hula hoop but the materials used are different and some wick are attached to it to lit it on fire while doing hoop tricks.  Parkour on the other hand  is a way of moving around some obstacles and in this case perhaps, the obstacles will be set on fire.  
So I'm excited to see these performances at The 1st Philippine Fire Festival.  We actually have a famous poi dancing group from Cebu who became Hall of Famers at the Talentadong Pinoy Show - the Fire Attraction.

There will be Fire Festival Workshops on poi, hooping and parkour at Parkmall Cebu on these schedules;  
     September 10 
     September 17 
     September 24 
     October 1 

The 1st Philippine Fire Festival Workshops will be done at the Parkmall Enclave Garden at 3-5 in the afternoon.  If you are interested to join The 1st Philippine Fire Festival then you can still catch up for the remaining Philippine Fire Festival Workshops.  If you have been wanting to learn poi. hooping and parkour and feel sexy and hot then all you need to do is pay the P50 fee per session.  

The 1st Philippine Fire Festival will be held at The Piazza of Parkmall Cebu on October 2 at 7 in the evening.

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