This October 23, 2011 is the Youth Revive: History Makers Concert at CAP Social Hall just across Mcdonald's At Jones Avenue, Cebu City.  The Youth Revive: History Makers Concert has the theme "Jesus Rocks".  Everybody is welcome to join the praise and worship concert as the Youth Revive: History Makers Concert is a FREE ADMISSION concert.  

All the youth and the young at heart from age 1 to 100 are free to join the Youth Revive: History Makers Concert.  This is the 11thy year anniversary of the Youth Revive: History Makers and this years celebration will truly be a special and memorable one.

The Youth Revive: History Makers Concert will start with a Holy Mass at 12 noon so participants are encouraged to have an early lunch as the "Jesus Rocks" Concert will soon follow afterwards until 5 in the afternoon.

The Youth Revive: History Makers has drawn throughout the years countless young men and women from all walks of life - students, out of school youths, young professionals, families, kids, parents, grandparents and even from different religious denominations  in Cebu and beyond, all for the love Jesus and for the passion of bringing lost souls back to Jesus through praise and worship concerts.

The Youth Revive: History Makers Concert happens every 4th Sunday of the month at CAP for FREE.

So everyone is encourage to join and be refreshed and ignited at the Youth Revive: History Makers Concert.  JESUS ROCKS!